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News & Updates

Sept 9, 2014

Finally, this crazy summer is starting to wind down, and what a summer it's been. This summer gigging season has included over 60 shows, and brought me everywhere from Nashville, to Western Canada, to all over Ontario, playing clubs, festivals, theatres, bars and backyards. I have had some amazing opportunities, and my life is a VERY different thing today than it was in May. I look forward to all of my teaching and gigs in the upcoming months, a few highlights being some more shows with Moxy as well as a run of theatre shows with Houston Macpherson, but its a really neat feeling to sit back and reflect on this whirlwind of a summer. Here is a picture from the Sturgis North Festival in Merritt BC playing a BEAUTIFUL Yamaha kit with Moxy, taken by Mr Ted VanBoort.

May 20, 2014

Its safe to say that Im terrible at regularly updating my website, but Ill do my best to summarize what I've been up to. The last few months have been some of the busiest of my entire life (which is a good thing), as I have had the pleasure of working live and in the studio with an abundance of talented groups and musicians, in addition to working on my own music and a few trips south of the border. I've still been trucking along with semi-regular acts like Brad James, Blue Radio, The Relics, Rothwell, TDC, 40 sons, etc, but I've also had some great opportunities to play with some less familiar folks such Canadian Music week with "The Tallest Tree", formerly Dawn and Marra, and Diego Deville. 

This summer is shaping up to be a busy one as well, with a ton of gigs and recording/writing projects scheduled. I've updated my calendar section with my current upcoming gigs, but I am booking new ones pretty much daily, so I will do my best to update them regularly on here. If I am playing somewhere near you, don't be a stranger and come say Hi! There are some great gigs coming up such as Ciderfest opening for Aaron Pritchett, the Tweed Stampede, and Beer Fest.

I am also honoured to be nominated for a Hamilton Arts Award as an emerging artist with Nathan Fleet. For those who may not be familiar with Nathan, he is a brilliant musician, film composer, music teacher, filmmaker, and many other things, who also is responsible for the Hamilton Film Festival, and has done numerous wonderful things for the arts community. For more info on Nathan you can find him online here. You can also check out the Hamilton Arts Awards page here

August 13, 2013

-Two New Top Dead Centre Shows Announced!

Two BIG shows on the horizon from the TDC camp coming up, in Hamilton and Toronto! August 24th we are opening for Blue Coupe (ex members of Alice Cooper and Blue Oyster Cult) at This aint Hollywood in Hamilton, and opening for UFO October 11 at the Rockpile in Toronto. These will be great shows, so be sure to contact us for tickets! For more information head to the "Calendar" section or


August 12, 2013

-John Mamone-Order and Chaos album released!

Finally, The John Mamone album, titled "Order and Chaos" that I played on in 2012, is now available. I began work on this product as early as 2010, and Im extremely happy with how this has turned out, and excited for people to hear it. All songs are written by John Mamone, and the album also features myself, and guitar solos by Hamilton master shredders Kelly Kereliuk and Lee Nedich. For more information on the record, head to www.johnmamone.com

To see a live perfomance video of the song "Burn til there aint no Nothing Left follow the link below

John Mamone-Burn til there aint no nothing left (Live)

January 29,2013

Hey Everyone! Happy New Year and welcome to my new website. 2012 was a CRAZY year to say the least! I have been playing live quite a bit as a guest or otherwise with some great musicians such as Rothwell, The Relics, Blackthorn, Brad James and a few others, but the lions share of my time and effot has been devoted to working on a bunch of new original material. 

Deathmarch has completed writing material for, and begun to record a new record, with the lineup of myself, Jarrett Lowry, Nevin Dallman, and our new-ish bassist, and longtime friend Shawn Kitchen, so expect a new release from us in the coming months. I am writing a good ammount of material for this record, as well as some of my own material for a potential release down the road, and I will be starting to play with some more great artists in the very near future, which I will be posting about shortly. As for Aetherborn, it looks like the band has slipped into a sleepy hiatus, however I am hopeful that we can play again someday, as we did create some amazing music together. I will also be posting a bunch more updated footage of me playing as I have an awesome new Zoom Q3HD video camera. 

I am now residing in the beautiful neighborhood of Dundas, Ontario, where I am teaching a bunch of awesome students at Avalon Music Academy, and enjoying staying busy with my many musical endeavors. I have even managed to get back on some ice-skates after 15 years or so! All in all though, everything is going well. I am busy, Gus G is still playing with Ozzy, Tommy Aldridge is back in Whitesnake, what more could one ask for? Stay tuned for more updates in the very near future!