Mike Cotton

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Band links

Deathmarch (facebook)- Hamilton heavy metal band that I formed in 2002 with Jarrett Lowry.

Aetherborn- Female fronted progressive-metal band I was a founding member of. Currently on a hiatus.

Blackthorn- Great classic rock cover band that I have been playing with since 2009.

The Bluesers- Toronto based blues band that I have been a part of over the years with my uncle and cousin John and Chris Cotton.


Los Cabos Drumsticks-Canada's #1 best selling drumstick company, of which I am a proud endorser.

Dream Cymbals- Great Canadian cymbal company and friends of mine. Based in Toronto.

Atypical Clothing- Very cool and unique clothing company based in Burlington.


Inertia Entertainment-THE metal promoter in Ontario. He has pretty much booked every well known metal band and continues to do so.

Avalon Music Academy- The music school in Dundas that I am very priveleged to teach drums at.

Steve Parton- My good friend and multi-talented performer, composer, producer, educator, entpreneur, and screenwriter. 

The Relics- Great classic rock band that I play with often. Each member is a an absolute monster musician.

Rothwell-Great Hamilton Rock band that I get the chance to play with on a regular basis.

40 Sons- A great band from Hamilton featuring one of my best friends Link Andrews. 

Kyle McKnight/Intandem- The new project of my good friend Kyle McKnight, who is one of the most talented musicians I have ever worked with.

John Mamone-Amazing multi-instrumentalist who I have had some great opportunites to work with on some upcoming projects.

Cale Hawkins- Brilliant keyboardist, vocalist, songwriter and producer that I have worked with. Graduate of Berklee College of Music.

Jordan John-Incredible musician, who plays pretty much every instrument amazingly. recently signed to Verve Records under David Foster.

Brad James- Awesome country singer, songwriter, and guitarist that I have had the opportunity to perform with from Hamilton.

Fbass- Brilliant custom bass manufacturer in Hamilton whos quality is unmatched.

Nashville Predators- My NHL hockey team. Featuring the spectacular goaltending of Pekka Rinne and the best defenseman in the league Shea Weber.